Dr. Michael Weiss 

Dr. Michael Weiss emigrated from Hungary when he was 3 years old. In 1948 he graduated from Ohio State Dental School and came to Arizona to practice. He also served in the Dental Corp during the Korean War.

His idea was that a job was not just a job, but a mission – that being able to serve is the highest honor one can attain. He believed that quietly, carefully, good works pay dividends; make our community better.

He died at the age of 68, twenty-five years ago. He passed on a Thursday and he had scheduled patients. We carry his mission and his torch.

Dental Care in Phoenix AZ

Dr. David Weiss

In 1979, after graduating from the prestigious dental school at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, Dave worked for the Indian Health Services while building his private practice. He later joined his father, Michael Weiss in his Phoenix practice.

As his practice grew, Dr. Dave left the Indian Health Service, but continued his commitment to underserved people, by volunteering weekly at St. Joseph’s Hospital’s Mercy Care Dental Clinic, and more recently by seeing refugee patients, especially children.

Quality, consistency and personal attention are hallmarks of David’s practice- not to be remiss, also his humor and easy-going style. He truly sees his patients as his dental family. Many have been with him for 30 years or more and has watched children grow up, go to college, and have children of their own…who then became his patients.

Recently retired, Dr. Dave has plenty to do – he enjoys writing, playing the guitar, sailing, and is an avid cyclist. He co-founded a group of 50-some road-bikers who ride together three days a week. “In this age of impersonal medicine, I feel blessed to have offered a personal alternative to the large faceless dental clinic.”

Daphne D. Atkeson

Previous Office Manager

Daphne was office manager in the office for 6 years, prior to retiring in December 2019. Dr. Dave’s wife of 30+ years, Daphne is a multi-published romance writer with more than 30 books on the shelves. She welcomed the challenge of helping out at the office, and we were so lucky to have her for as long as we did. Her sharp memory and bright personality bought so much love and fun into the office.

Always dedicated to altruistic causes, you can find Daphne volunteering throughout the community, practicing at our local choir, improv classes, and Zumba – we don’t know how she does it all!


Dr. Ivette Jorge, DMD, MPHDr. Ivette Jorge


Dr. Ivette Jorge is a Miami, Florida, native with deep roots in the dental profession. Attending a dental assistant vocational program the entirety of her high school career, she has continously trained and worked in dental offices since the age of fourteen. After graduating high school as Valedictorian she went on to attend New York University as a Martin Luther King scholar. Seeking a dental school that emphasized altruism, public health, and whole-body care Dr. Jorge moved across the country to Mesa, Arizona, where she attended the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. Here she graduated with a dual degree—a doctorate in Dental Medicine and a Masters in Public Health.

She has been working the Valley for five years, and has loved making this vibrant city her home. Dr. Ivette is truly passionate about the dental field and takes great pride in delivering the highest quality of compassionate care to her patients. It is the opportunity to serve and heal those in her community that gives her the greatest sense of purpose.

She devotes her spare time to continuing he education and volunteering in her local community. She has even served on dental mission trips across the world, including the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Ecuador.

Outside the clinic Dr. Ivette enjoys spending time with her family who recently moved to Tucson, eating at new restaurants around town (if you have any recommendations please let her know!), and traveling to new and exciting places! She hopes to serve you and your family, and build meaningful relationships along the way.

Sierra LittlemanSierra Littleman

Dental Assistant

Sierra is Dr. Ivette’s right-hand-woman. She helps her in all facets, and helps the office run smoothly.  Patients love her because has of her kind demeanor and delicate touch.  Not to mention her calmness makes dental procedures, like x-rays, feel comfortable and easy.  Her enthusiasm, calm style, upbeat attitude and, of course, sense of humor make us so grateful to have her on our team. Sierra hails from Cow Springs, in northeast Arizona, and has a daughter just entering kindergarten. Observing the assistants at work when she got her braces, Sierra decided that would be a career she would like. “It looked like fun,” she says. What she enjoys most about the job is getting to know patients and helping them.

A woman of many interests, in her spare time Sierra designs glamor makeup, playing eith her daughter, and enjoys listening to music.

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